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New Leadership
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About Me

I treasure the people and places of Allegheny County and- as a native and lifelong resident- I have roots that run deep, right here.

I am proud to belong to a family of hardworking mill workers, miners, and military service members. I studied at Point Park University and Pitt, and I was the first in my family to graduate from college.

Our regional economy is summarized as “Eds & Meds”; I work with technology in the Meds sector, for a Fortune 50 company.

I am married to Cindy Neitz, and we make our home in Sewickley, where I serve as an elected member of Sewickley Borough Council. We share our happy home with a one-eyed dog named Miso and two sweet cats.

Starting in 2006, we’ve been leading an all-volunteer food bank garden at the local community center in Sewickley, which helps hungry children and seniors to  get enough nutritious, fresh vegetables and fruits, gives local schools access to a vibrant outdoor classroom and offers students valuable opportunities to experience nature. 

What I Stand For

I am passionate about a lot of things, because I care about people. Here are just a few of the things I stand for, and what I will continue to fight for when elected to the Allegheny County Council.

UPMC v. Highmark Divorce

There’s a band aid covering this open wound, for now,  but charities should not use patients’ lives as bargaining chips in a fight for market dominance. We deserve comprehensive legislation to stop this from happening, again.

Living Up to “The Most Livable”

I “Bleed Black ‘n Gold” and I am proud when our town is celebrated for being a great place to live. But, our air is dirty, our water has higher lead levels than Flint, Michigan and cancer rates are skyrocketing.

On Council, I work to break the culture of complacency and take action so you and your family can start breathing clean air, drinking clean water, and look forward to long, healthy lives.

Getting Around

Getting to your doctor appointment, commuting to work or visiting your grandchildren:  you should be able to choose public transit as an easy option to get to where you’re going. Our limited transit options have to be expanded so we can stay healthy, earn a living and enjoy life.

Stopping Landslides

I will lead  proactive measures to stop landslides which threaten our safety, our property and our ability to get around.


I won’t allow Allegheny County Council to operate in secrecy, as it does now.

Looking out for  Your Family

Our current County Government allows oil and gas companies to withhold the locations of  drilling operations. This is a special carve out for the oil and gas industry which puts you at risk: a well pad could be planned for your own backyard or next to your local schoolyard,  right now, without either you or your town knowing it.

This is wrong and I will fix this problem by making information about oil and gas lease available, the same as other real estate transactions.

Protecting Children

“Conversion Therapy”, “Reparative Therapy”, “Ex Gay Therapy”, “Sexual Orientation Change Efforts”- these are all misleading names for various harmful practices inflicted upon children, because a parent or guardian perceives the child as LGBTQ+ and disapproves.

All these practices lack medical justification, represent a serious threat to the child’s health and well-being, and cannot be allowed to continue. 

People describe me as “smart, straight forward, and warm hearted”.


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